Paradise Beach & Aston Bay

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The small holiday settlements of Aston Bay and Paradise Beach are in many ways an extension of the popular town of Jeffreys Bay, but for some beach front development and the Marina Martinique, a man made canal system. After all, the two are separated by little more the than the Seekoeirivier (Hippopotamus River) lagoon.

In comparison to Jeffreys Bay, the two settlements are hardly developed at all. Its swathes of open plots, inhabited by birds and plenty of bushes, the fenceless gardens and the small rustic streets simply entrench the holiday beach-town atmosphere which is already pervasive in a seaside town with great views of the ocean.

Watersports like surfing, kiteboarding and paddling is practised throughout the year – a not insignificant fact. Every December skydivers from all over South Africa flock to Paradise Beach for the Annual JBay Boogy – a 3 week skydiving frenzy.