Nomvula’s Knitters

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Nomvula’s Knitters is a community-based and upliftment project that has gone from strength to strength.

They create beautiful, soft, comfortable products, stitched together with love and excitement, and are sold all over the world! The knitters range in age from their mid-twenties to seventy years old and are mostly women, all supporting families, or extended families. The project was spearheaded by Frances Becker, and now functions as a trust.

Nomvula’s (Pronounced: Nom – vuh – lahs) When the founder of Nomvula’s, Frances Becker, was christened, the heavens opened. The rain that fell that day broke a severe drought. To honour this event, Dinah, the young Xhosa woman who worked for the Becker family, gave Frances the name Nomvula. It is a Xhosa word that means “she who brings the rain.” In Africa, Nomvula is an auspicious name because water is almost always scarce. Grateful to be alive after surviving not only Hodgkins Disease but Breast Cancer too, Frances wanted to reach out beyond herself to others. Knitting had helped her through rough times, and she thought it could help her community too. Nomvula’s was born…..