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Hiking in the greater St Francis

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Frog safaris

Frog safaris

Duneridge Country House offers a two hour guided tour through a coastal forest and the dunes, where ancient middens can be found.

The view over the ocean to the south and the Baviaanskloof Mountains to the north is priceless.

Frog Safaris take place after sunset, where you find as many frog species as possible in the wetlands and dams, and identify them with a guide, all in the name of frog conservation.

The safari starts with a local guide explaining the worldwide amphibian crisis and the necessity to restore and protect wetlands, the preferred habitat for frogs. Armed with gum boots, head lights and nets, you head out onto the property to explore the frog hot spots. On the frogging safari, frogs will be spotted or caught in your nets, identified, listed and safely returned to the water. The sound that emanates from these little frogs is quite unreal and you will be quite taken aback at how amazing these little creature are. Return to the guest house for a hot chocolate or sherry and discuss the evening.