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Shark Point

Shark Point

The Chokka Trail is a 4 night/3 day slackpacking hike between Oyster Bay, St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis, and is 56km long.

The trail starts in Oyster Bay, where you explore the rugged coastline with the chance to see dolphins, whales, the cape clawless otter and, during low tide, ancient fish traps.

On day 2 hikers tackle a 16,8km dune sand sea, the Oyster Bay Dune Bypass System, where you will come across untouched middens and see pot shards and stone tools. The day ends with a canal cruise.

The next day has many highlights – a blow hole, shipwreck, coastal middens, visit to a penguin rehabilitation centre and Port St Francis, where you will do a calamari tasting and chokka demo.

The last day takes you through the green lung between St Francis Bay and Cape St Francis.
The trail is fully catered and luggage is transported to your next guest house, so you only hike with a day pack.