Interesting Facts

Despite the Kouga being the second smallest region in the Sarah Bartmann District, covering only 4,1% of the district’s land area, it has the largest population of 98 588 (Census 2011), which represents approximately 22% of the total population of the district.

Kouga also has the fastest annual growth rate in the district. Since 1996, the population has increased at an average of 2,4% per annum compared to the annual growth rate of 1,1% in the district and 0,3% in the province.

The Kouga is characterised by vast differences in population density from one area to the next. These variations have an impact on the cost of service delivery while migration to the urban nodes places additional pressure on the existing infrastructure of these high-density areas.

The influx of job seekers has also impacted negatively on employment figures. According to the Labour Force Survey Data for 1995 to 2010 (Stats SA), employment in the region declined by 11,7% between 1995 and 2010 while the working age group increased by 25%. This means that 80,3% of the working age group had employment in 1995, compared to 56,8% in 2010.