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Otter trail

Otter trail

The Otter Hiking Trail is one of South Africa’s most popular trails and is known world-wide.

It is a five-day trail, commencing at the Storms River Mouth Rest Camp and stretching westward as far as the Groot River estuary at Nature’s Valley, a distance of about 43 km. Accommodation is provided in four overnight camps.

Hikers are left breathless by the magnificent scenery and astonishing rock formations.

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Otter Trail (Multi day hiking trips)

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Otter Trail (Multi day hiking trips) -33.980065, 23.598230     The Otter Hiking Trail is one of South Africa\'s most popular trails and is known world-wide.

Gushing water forms rivers and waterfalls, which carve their way through ravines and give birth to tranquil freshwater pools and crystal clear streams, winding through the forest with its diverse flora, fragrant fynbos and fungi. A variety of diverse animal species also survive in this environment and insects and birds form a backdrop of sound and song. Huge indigenous trees with moss-bearded branches, watch over their domain like giant guardians.

The environment is unique in that it encompasses the best of both worlds – the exquisite beauty of the forest as well as pristine coastal shores. The trail often meanders very close to the coastline and clear pools teeming with a variety of marine life reveals a world of kaleidoscopic colours and an underwater world which is ideal for snorkelling.

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