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Covering 170 000 km² from snow-capped peaks of the southern Drakensberg mountains to the lush forests of the Tsitsikamma and along an 800km long coastline, the Eastern Cape incorporates seven distinct biomes.

The region boasts an abundance of birdlife, with hundreds of recorded species and a rich and varied marine life, including 27 species of whales and dolphins.

S. Senecio elegans Wild Cineraria of Fauna and Flora

S. Senecio elegans Wild Cineraria of Fauna and Flora

The Eastern Cape is also Big Seven country, where the great white shark and seasonal southern right whale may be viewed offshore and buffalo, elephant, leopard, lion and rhino may be enjoyed from the comfort of a luxury safari tour.

Bosbok, duiker, mangoos, baboons, vervet monkeys and the cape clawless otter can be found round the coast, with larger species like kudu and springbok in the grasslands towards the Baviaans.

Terrestrial animals are mainly from the small mammals, buck, insect and reptile families. Snakes are common in the mountains and valleys and include puff adders and pythons. Birds of prey are frequently sighted and visitors are often fortunate enough to see eagles and owls swooping in on their prey.

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