Annual Festivals and Sporting Events

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With its diverse demographics, the area offers visitors a range of activities in the cultural arena including visits to art galleries, theatres and craft programmes. Local artists exhibit their wares at a number of festivals and shows held annually within the area.


Nautical festival

Markets for food and crafts are a popular event during the year and a great social gathering. Mutually beneficial partnerships between public, corporate and cultural sectors focus on the sustainable growth and development of the culture, arts and heritage in South Africa. Some of the festivals to add to your diary would be the Citrus Festival, Nautical Festival, Jeffreys Bay WinterFest, and the Naartjie Festival.

Annual Sporting events

Annual Sporting events

A number of annual sports events that make this area so exciting are various national and international surfing competitions, fishing competitions, mountain biking challenges as well as the annual St Francis Summer Series.

  • Nartjie Festival
  • Citrus Festival
  • Nautical Festival
  • WinterFest
  • St Francis Sport Summer Series
  • Trans Baviaans
  • SA Longboarding
  • Annual Squash Tournament
  • Quilters Camp
  • Knitters Festival