Kouga’s total output/Gross Value Added (GVA), which is used to measure the value of production in a region, has shown erratic growth since 1996.

Regional Income and Production Data for 1995 to 2010 (Stats SA) indicates that the economic sector of Kouga is dominated by secondary and tertiary activity.

In 2010 the leading industries were finance, insurance and real estate (FIR) at 33,3%, manufacturing (MAN) at 19,1% and general government (GG) at 14,2%. With its growth outpacing all other industries, FIR has since 1996 overtaken wholesale and retail trade, catering and accommodation (WRCA) as the largest contributor to GVA. WRCA’s proportion to Kouga’s output has plummeted from 21% in 1995 to 10,3% in 2010. The contribution of the main primary sector – agriculture, forestry and fishing (AFF) – has also decreased from 11,8% in 1995 to 3,5% in 2010. However, MAN’s proportion saw an increase of 4,8% over the same period. While the primary sector dominated employment up until 2005, the tertiary sector has since taken over this role.