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Brakkeduine is situated near Oyster Bay, and the Klipdrift Irrigation Dam offers a range of activities.

The area shows off the quiet beauty of this part of the region, coupled with friendly folk and excellent weather conditions almost all year round. The Brakkeduine 4×4 Trail is a 14km circular trail that has a grading of three to five.

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It is essential that drivers are accompanied by a guide as there are a number of tricky areas, particularly due to the loose sand. It takes a minimum of three hours to complete, but some drivers choose to do it over the course of up to 24 hours.

The route offers some escape options at particularly challenging spots so that those drivers with less experience can opt out. The terrain is made up of sandy stretches, dunes and some bushy parts, along with some impressive ascents and descents. It begins at the Klipdrift Irrigation Dam and boasts some spectacularly beautiful views along the way. The Klipdrift Dam is a very popular spot for bass fishing, boating and waterskiing. There are also ablution facilities at the dam so that the whole family can enjoy the Brakkeduine 4 x4 experience. Bookings are essential and a minimum of five vehicles are required to secure your booking.